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wall material installation projects

daquan group’s jiachengxin lightweight wall material installation co., ltd, mainly focus on the installation projects of lightweight wall materials. meanwhile, as a professional construction service supplier, jiachengxin undertakes large quantity of construction labor output for all kinds of building trades. the company possesses a variety of advanced and qualified construction equipment, managerial personnel, excellent craft, and scientific management. with years of marketing experience and technology deposition, it compiled daquan® light weight panel installed on frame structure in compliance with gb and based on daquan “mechanic” experience.
jiachengxin’s original “flexible blocking” installation process and “plastic rubber wedge” positing tools have been proved with multiple practice, and successfully solved the problem that using “flexible filling material” for installation will lead to non-standardized technique improved the qc process for panel installation and 

installation efficiency, and won extensive praise from clients. the company has obtained over 500 projects and installation area as large as 5,000,000㎡ until the end of 2013.