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wuhan daquan group
address:15th floor, block 2,sbi street, dong xin road, east lake development zone,wuhan, china
zip code:430073
public welfare

public welfare establishments

      daquan group always keep the fine tradition running, show high spirits with public welfare issues, continue the  "one party warmth•hundreds of care”public welfare activities with warmth charity federation of wuhan.daquan group will donate 100cents to charity federation for every sale of 1 cubic meters energy-saving board.
       august 6th,2013,daquan group donates rmb38,650.00 to the “tanxiao charity funding“to support 10 students finishing their dream of university.
       august 30th,2014,daquan group starts again the activity of “when there is love,there is hope” for the 2014 charity supporting activities. daquan group donates rmb23,350.00,which helps 7 students finish their dream of university.