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wuhan daquan group
address:15th floor, block 2,sbi street, dong xin road, east lake development zone,wuhan, china
zip code:430073

core values                                                                 

we grow up with vitality and happy everyday

     we grow up with vitality and we are happy everyday.working with vitality we can do it better.it is fundamental for a person to work hard.we have the spirit of innovation,exploration and practice.we also have new idea and way in work,create a dynamic atmosphere,grow up with others together.only grow up with vitality, we can develop and success.

forge ahead in unity,harmonious coexistence

     forge ahead in unity and harmony; pursuit of unity, dedication; stresses integrity, the overall situation; these are daquan groups team spirit. only together , we can become a highly cohesive, fighting team; only unite with each other ,we can  encourage each other, learn from each other and support each other; only together,  daquan group can continue to move forward and grow.

make achievement for both sides
    customer service is the only reason of daquan group to exist, the needs of customers are the lifeblood of the daquan group to develop. we always treat customer as our center, rapid response to customer needs, continue to create long-term value for customers, then make customers succeeds. providing effective services to the customers, is the direction of our work and value yardstick, making achievement to the customer is the achievement on our own.

sustainable development
   people-oriented, sustainable development.we treat the the enterprise survival,shareholder earnings, employee welfare, social responsibility as our motivation。respect the work achievement, abandon the inert and hedonism, delights in work, forever believe that labor and progressive is the only way to achieve happiness and fortune, be kindly to everyone,all of them are the foundation for sustainable development of our enterprises and individuals
the pursuit of excellence
      the pursuit of excellence, and strive to go beyond.excellence is not a standard, but a kind of state, a kind of pursuit, it lies in its own superiority, ability, and the available resources, to the limit of a state.the pursuit of excellence is our creed, bold pioneering and unremitting, keeping first. 

our spirit: adhere to the principle and flexibility , keep pace with the times

operation philosophy: bring forth the new through the old, to create green products

     from the beginning to the present, from now into the future, daquan always put innovation as the core concept of the development process throughout the enterprise. concern for the state of the environment, concern for the clients’ health , focus on efficient use of resources have prompted us to do everything  to improve the product and let product  more environmentally friendly, low-carbon, more energy.to create green building materials .