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address:15th floor, block 2,sbi street, dong xin road, east lake development zone,wuhan, china
zip code:430073
huaquan equipments
        wuhan daquan green building materials group co., ltd.. is one of wuhan daquan group co., ltd’s subsidiaries, which is restructured from wuhan daquan energy saving board co., ltd. oriented in environmental protection walls and equipments’ technology and research, daquan company is concentrated on developing, manufacturing, designing and promoting its unique products.
        with the complete heritage of over 13 years’ experience of equipments’ research and development from daquan group. wuhan daquan green building materials group co., ltd. owns world-class independent capacity of r&d for the machinery, and has been distributing its products in both inland and overseas markets – 60% of domestic market share and over 80 countries from 5 continents.
        persisted in sustainable technological innovation, wuhan daquan green building materials group co., ltd.has applied a series of energy saving technical improvement to the machinery for wall panel production, and redesigned the equipments for pouring, mould’s installation and remove process. what’s more, daquan company has created vertical mould cars for solid panels (spb), which is granted as utility model patent and makes traditional horizontal pouring into vertical pouring, and increases productivity and production quality. 
        since the establishment of wuhan daquan green building materials group co., ltd., it has been leading the trends of lightweight partition wall industry worldwide with its over 10 years’ experience on environmental protection walls’ promotion, stable ability of technique’s development and operation principle of integrity. as the benchmark of the trade, daquan company is bringing new levels for the lightweight partition wall industry, and opening a revolutionary era for this career.