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address:15th floor, block 2,sbi street, dong xin road, east lake development zone,wuhan, china
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import & export

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import & export

daquan is the first equipment and panel manufacturer which combines designing, r&d and production, and has exported its products to over 80 countries with 8,000,000㎡panels, 300 sets of equipment, more than 20 production lines, and 40 installation and debugging projects.
focusing on the domestic market and with an global view, daquan group is so aggressive on expanding overseas market that it has already found inroad into european and american markets, except of the traditional australian/african/asian/south american markets. from the ancient african plateau to the mediterranean coast, motherland of the classical european civilization, from brazil, the country of rain  forest to the gold coast of australia, from the hot and dry arabian peninsula to the chilling cold siberia, daquan group’s footprints have already been spread to the five continents.