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wuhan daquan group
address:15th floor, block 2,sbi street, dong xin road, east lake development zone,wuhan, china
zip code:430073

wuhan daquan group corporation (abbreviation dq group) was established in may 14, 2014, which is a large-scale private enterprise formed based on wuhan daquan energy saving board co.,ltd and affiliated enterprises units, it is a benchmarking enterprises of new environmental protection wall materials that nation focus on the development. 

wuhan daquan group is the energy saving building materials group, which is the worlds only collection of new environmental wall materials, equipment manufacturing and selling, installation, complementary building materials manufacturing. the group has seven companies within holding four companies and sharing 3 companies, 500 employees, total assets is over 100 million rmb. it includes

       hubei zhiteng exploit green board tech-development co.,ltd

       wuhan jiachengxin green wall materials installation co., ltd

       wuhan daquan import & export trading co.,ltd

       wuhan huaquan energy saving board & equipment technology research co.,ltd

       daquan products and solutions have been used in more than 80 countries on five continents and serviced 1/10 of the global population. 

groups main business has five parts includes the environmental wall materials production, wall panel equipment manufacturing, project contracting, trading, complementary building environmental materials. each part unit reply on their own advantages and innovation to effectively integrate the series of products of daquan group.

wuhan daquan groups strategic goal is to create the strongest the largest the most specialized and world-class new environmental wall materials manufacturing group in china, to become the leading force of new environmental building materials industry and the strongest the largest and the most specialized supplier of china building material construction and installation enterprises.

daquan groups total assets reached to 50 million rmb in 2013; operating income was 60 million rmb, total profit was over 10 million rmb. it’s expected the output value will more than 100 million rmb in 2014.